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GM Windy


Windy is LillitheRo’s Head Developer. (October 2017-January 2018)

Contact Information

In Game Username: Windy


Windy’s biggest accomplishment during her time with LillitheRo is dealing with Marihna and her ridiculous and difficult requests.


  • Re-making the server after Marihna broke it.....(November 2017)
  • Adding Automated Events.
  • Adding and Testing PVP ladder.
  • Adding and editing Housing Functions.


  • Revamping Forum images and backgrounds


  • Updated Scrolling Announcements with Relevant Information
  • Updated Item Mall
  • Adding current information for Server Information, Rules, & Staff
  • Added links to Vote For Sites, Forum, Donation, and Wiki


  • Completing Banners and Logos:
    • LillitheRo Incubus/Succubus Logo. (Forum, Facebook, Website, etc.)
    • Rate My Server Banner
    • Top 100 Sites Banner
    • Staff Logos for Forums
    • Website Scrolling Header Images/Announcements

Staff & Community Comments

“Windy is a trooper and handled 95% of the requests I threw at her with relative ease and minimal complaints. We were lucky to have found her.” -Marihna

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