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The LillitheRo staff consists of many people who work on different aspects of the server, all with the same goal of making your experience on this server as pleasant as possible. Each GM has a different specialization with their tasks, and you can check their Guild Title to see what they do.

Server Founder

  • [GM] Marihna : Server Founder, Developer, Scripter, Administrator, Forum & Facebook Admin, Server Event Coordination, etc. (Anything and Everything)


The Administration Team consists of staff members that help oversee the main functions of the server and assign tasks as needed.

  • [GM] Faebia : Social Media Manager, Game tester


In charge of Game Development, Additions, and Game Implementations.

Game Masters/Officers

Game Masters (GMs) are the members of the staff who are in charge of several things, such as answering player questions, holding events, and enforcing server rules in-game.

  • [GM] Ivy : Officer/Enforcer & Main Event Coordinator

Event Game Masters

Event Game Masters are in charge of holding GM Run Events for players on a daily, weekly, & monthly basis.

  • [GM] IzaIza : Event Contributor & Player Support.

GM Trainee

GM Trainee’s are newly recruited members of the Staff who are still in a probation stage, before official recruitment. As with regular GMs, they are in charge of answering player questions, holding events, and enforcing server rules in-game unless specifically stated on their description.

  • [GM] Kegs : Developer.
  • [GM] Rikazu : Wiki Moderator & Scripter. (No Player Questions)

Wiki Moderators

Wiki Contributors are the people specifically in charge of maintaining the wiki. This involves writing new pages, updating previously written pages when changes are implemented, and overseeing user-authored Guides.

  • Phoenix : Wiki Moderator and Contributor


GM Alumni

  • [GM] Windy : Previous Head of Server Development, Scripter, Discord & Forum Manager.
  • [GM] Zeal : Previous Scripter, In Game Support GM, Officer.

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