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General Server Information[edit]

Rates Rates are subject to change during event periods such as Holiday Events and GM selected Hot Times.
  • 10x/10x/5x (Base exp./Job exp./Drop rate).
  • 2x MvP Drops
  • 5x Card Based Drops
WoE Times Saturday 7pm-8pm CST;
Max Level 99/70
Max Stats 99
Max ASPD 190
Instantcast 150 DEX
Server Rules See: Rules
Renewal Status Pre-Renewal

‘’Renewal may be discussed at a later date’’

Classes Available First Class, Second Class, Transcendant Class.
GM Team See: LillitheRo Staff
Features War of Emperium, Custom Quests, Events, Player Commands

General Server Information[edit]

Main Language English
Server Timezone US, Central Standard Time
Hosting Montreal, Canada
Dual Client Disabled

Community Information[edit]

Main Town Prontera
Guild Member Cap 30
Same Sex Marraige Allowed

Custom NPC’s[edit]

Warper Yes
Healer Prontera. Free Healing. No Buffs.
Card Remover Yes
Stat/Skill Resetter Yes. Price is determined by a sliding scale based on the characters Base Level.
Stylist Yes
Event Shop NPC Yes.
Grape Juice Vendor Used to exchange Monster Coins for Grape Juice.
House Rental Coming Soon~

Server Features[edit]

Active & Professional Staff LillitheRo offers a team of dedicated staff members who are always happy to help. Most Staff Members have multiple ways to get ahold of them for quick assistance.
Party Exp Bonus Each Player in a party increases the earned experience by a set %.
Monster Coin Drops A currency called “Monster Coin” can be obtained from a 3% drop rate from all mobs in game. Monster Coins can be exchanged for consumable items at the Grape Juice Vendor in Prontera.
Automated & Custom Events LillitheRo offers multiple Automated Events and Custom Events run by GM’s.
Event Shops Shops to exchange currency such as Poring Coins, Vote For Points, and Monster Coins.
MvP Tombs Displays information at an MvP’s location of death regarding the time said MvP was killed as well as names the player that killed it.
NoMemo on MvP Maps Memo Skill is not available for maps that house an MvP.
Custom Player Commands List List of @commands that can be used by players in game to enhance the gameplay experience.