Monster Coin Trader

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Monster Coin Trader

The Monster Coin Trader is a custom NPC in LillitheRo. This NPC offers a fun and passive way to get useful and convenient bonus items while doing nothing but going about your normal gameplay.

Monster Coins

First, let’s start with a breakdown of ‘What is a Monster Coin?’

Monster Coins are a currency used in LillitheRo that can be used to redeem for prizes from the Monster Coin Trader in Prontera.

Monster Coins have a 3% chance to drop from any monster within LillitheRO. If you're lucky, you'll be able to collect a lot of these and redeem them for wonderful prizes.

How do I use the Monster Coin Trader?

Monster Coin Trader 144, 175
Using the Monster Coin Trader
Choose your items.

You can find the Monster Coin Trader in Prontera @ 144, 175, to the slight south-west of Prontera Square, near one of the flag poles.

Monster Coin Exchange Shop

Item Description Price
Grape Juice Bottled grape juice that’s easy to digest.

Recovers a suitable amount of SP.

1 MC
Authoritative Badge A badge made out of bronze that was used in an ancient Asian Country. It was given to government officials who went on business trips and they could use this badge to rent horses anywhere.

Temporarily increases Movement Speed.

1 MC
Chocolate Strawberry A fresh strawberry coated in chocolate.

Recovers a small amount of SP. Cast Level 5 Blessing.

2 MC
Abrasive An abrasive that adds sharpness to a weapon.

For 5 minutes, the player will receive +30 Critical Rate. This rate is doubled by Katar weapons.

15 MC
Steel Arrow Quiver A quiver that contains 500 Steel Arrows. 30 MC
Chewy Ricecake A chewy delicious rice cake. No one knows why this rice cake is so special.

Grants the user +10 ATK for 30 minutes.

50 MC
Hard rice cake egg An egg containing the Cute Pet “Rice Cake”. Can be hatched using a Pet Incubator.

Upon reaching Loyal Friendship, Rice Cake Pet Increases resistance to Neutral Property Attacks by 1%, but decreases MaxHp by 1%.

400 MC