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What is a Donation?

The term "Donation" refers to when a player donates money to the server (USD Currency). Players can donate money to the server in order to obtain Cash Points that can be redeemed and used in the Cash Shop. In addition, each donation helps keeps the server afloat and goes towards paying any and all server related expenses.

What are Donations used for?

For players who may be wondering, “What happens to my money when I donate to LillitheRo? They’re not making money off of me are they?”

The answer is “No.” The GM Team is not making money off of you. Your donation to LillitheRo goes to keeping the server alive and paying for server related expenses such as:

  • Website and Server Hosting
  • Website Updates
  • Anti-Botting Software such as Ragnarok Approved Botting Shields
  • Forum Hosting
  • Outside Script Commissions
    • i.e. Specially crafted scripts that are too complicated for our current staff to create themselves.

No one on the GM team will ever get “paid” by any donations that come from the community. All server expenses are paid for by the donations received, or out of pocket by the Marihna or the GM Team. We appreciate any and all donations given to the server.

To show our appreciation and as a “Thank you” to players who donate to the server, we offer items for purchase with Cash Points in the Cash Shop. Our Cash Shop is updated regularly to reflect the needs of the community.

How do I Donate?


Players can donate to the server by going to and clicking on the "Donation" button on the top menu bar. If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to do so. Once logged in, players will be redirected to the Donation Page on the website.

On the Donation Page, you can make a donation or view your donation history. When you're ready, choose the amount you wish to donate (the credit amount will automatically adjust with the USD amount you choose,) and click"confirm".

You'll need to confirm a second time on the next page to make sure that you REALLY want to support the server. When you confirm for the second time on the website, you'll be redirected to a PayPal page, (LillitheRo's preferred payment method,) and you can choose which payment method you'd like to use.

Obtaining your Cash Points

Please make sure to grant a few minutes time in obtaining your donation credits in game. The system is currently being worked on and the credits need to be manually entered into player accounts by a staff member. If this takes more than a few minutes, feel free to send Marihna a message via Discord or through the Forums and let her know that you made a donation.

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