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What is a Homunculus

The Homunculus is a pet which assist players in ways such as a support, an instant partymate, or a sacrifice for the player. The player must be an Alchemist or a Biochemist and must go through the Bioethics Quest to unlock the appropriate skills required to create a Homunculus. After the quest Bioethics the skill will be available to the player and the rest of the Homunculus Skill Branch shall be available through the distribution of skill points.

There are 4 types of Homunculi with various attributes unique to each.

Name Type Food Skills
Amistr Tank
Demi Human (iRO)
Brute (other RO)
Template:Item Template:Skill List Template:Skill List Template:Skill List Template:Skill List
Vanilmirth Magic
Demi Human (iRO)
Formless (other RO)
Template:Item Template:Skill List Template:Skill List Template:Skill List Template:Skill List
Filir Dodge/High ASPD
Demi Human (iRO)
Brute (other RO)
Template:Item Template:Skill List Template:Skill List Template:Skill List Template:Skill List
Lif Support
Demi Human
Template:Item Template:Skill List Template:Skill List Template:Skill List Template:Skill List

How do you get a Homunculus?

To call out a Homunculus, an Template:Item is required. These can be purchased from other Alchemists or self-made. In order to make an Embryo, an Alchemist must use the Skill Prepare Potion with the following materials purchasable from the Al De Baran Alchemist guild [alde_alche: 35, 179]:

Success rates of creating embryos are affected mainly by the Alchemist's DEX and LUK.

Once an Embryo is obtained, use the skill Call Homunculus to summon the Homunculus. In the Pre-Noghalt patch, there will be a probability of failures when summoning Homunculi. With the Noghalt patch, however, the probability of failure is replaced with unique sprites of the original Homunculi. There are 4 basic types of Homunculi —Amistr, Vanilmirth, Filir, and Lif— and the chance of getting each is random. Although not completely proven, it is a popular "fact" that the creator of the embryo's stats plays in a role in the probability of summoning each Homunculus.

Homunculus Status and Skill Points

Homunculus have their own set of stats apart from their masters, these will have a set amount upon summoning and will vary as it level. With each level, a Homunculus will receive a certain amount points to each stat (STR, INT, DEX, AGI, VIT, LUK) depending on which type of Homunculus. These stats are invisible under the Homunculus stat window (Alt+R). The Homunculus's ATK, MATK, HIT, CRITICAL, DEF, MDEF, FLEE, and ASPD will be visible. To calculate the Homunculus's stats, use the following equations or use RODE: Homunculus Calculator. The Homunculus also gains one skill point for every three levels. Unlike Status points, one can apply these to whichever skill one would like.



  • Min ATK = STR + [STR(Rounded down to the nearest multiple of 10) / 10]2 + Dex
  • Max ATK = STR + [STR(Rounded down to the nearest multiple of 10) / 10]2 + Max(STR + Level, DEX)

MATK = INT + [INT(Rounded down to nearest multiple of 5)/5]2

HIT = Level + DEX

CRIT = [LUK/3] + 1


  • Armor Def = [Level / 10] + [VIT / 5]
  • VIT Def = VIT - 1

MDEF = [Level / 10] + [INT / 5]

FLEE = Level + AGI

ASPD = 200 - (Delay/10) + ( [4*Delay*AGI/1000] + [Delay*DEX/1000] ) / 10

Special note for Vanilmirth owners: Due to Instruction Change being bugged. (This has not been fixed on any Official RO server) The STR bonus from Instruction Change will be lost when one teleport/change maps/ or relog.


New Homunculus are born with 20 intimacy (Awkward).

After the implementation of Noghalt, Homunculi can evolve. Use a Template:Item (simply double click it) when the Homunculus's intimacy is Loyal to evolve it. With Evolution, the Homunculus will obtain random bonus of 1-10 for each of the stats, increased HP and SP, and a new sprite.

After evolving, the Homunculus' intimacy resets to 10 (Hate). Once its intimacy reaches 910 (1 point before Loyal intimacy) again, a fourth, new skill is unlocked.

Controlling the Homunculus

Manual Functions

Here is a listing of all manual functions with the default AI. In general, there will be no need for any other manual functions in most Custom AIs

  • Alt + Single Right Click: Target monster
  • Alt + Double Right Click: Attack monster
  • Alt + T: Standby, idle/passive mode, cancels all commands and returns to master
  • Alt + Right Click Ground: Move to location (15 tile range)
  • Alt + R: Information window

If the player is dead, manual commands can't be issued. The AI will continue to function as normal however.


The AI is the brain behind the Homunculus. All Homunculus behavior is controlled by an AI script. There is a choice between the use of the default script or a custom-made script. The Default Script is both poorly made and simple. The Primary problems with the default script are that the Homunculus will either kill steal everything (default AIed Vanilmirth and Filir) or will not attack anything at all (default AIed Amistr and Lif). Hence it is recommended to make a custom AI or use a premade one made by users. To switch between the Default AI and the User AI, use the /hoai command. The current most popular AI available publicly is AzzyAI; which is linked at the very bottom of the page.

Installing AI

Once AI script is downloaded, go to the default RO directory. This is generally located at C:\Program Files\Gravity\Ragnarok Online\AI. Insert the downloaded AI Script into the USER_AI folder and relog or resummon the Homunculus. This should be done every time there is a change in script. While there are infinite possibilities with AI scripts, it is necessary to understand that there are things it can and cannot do. These limitations are what separates it from bots.


  • Automatically attacking monsters within player's sight range
  • Auto Casting Homunculus Skills
  • Different tactics for individual monsters (ex: what priority to attack, using a skill on that monster etc)
  • Reading the HP, SP, MAXHP and MAXSP values of the Homunculus or its owner
  • Reading the target of a attacking monster (to avoid kill stealing)
  • Automatically shut down the Ragnarok Online client using
    • If owner's alchemist is being attacked, it logs out after 5 seconds after calling os.exit()
    • Otherwise, if the alchemist is not attacking or being attacked, that character will log out immediately after os.exit() is called.


  • Auto Feeding
  • Auto Looting
  • Using skills while their owner is Vending
  • Homunculus maintain its AI when out of range of the Alchemist
  • Having the Alchemist move around. (Except when auto casting the Castling Skill.)
  • Reading the HP, SP, MAXHP and MAXSP values of someone other than the Homunculus or its owner
  • Auto player skills (Disabled after 5-Feb-2008)
  • Auto Casting Ground Spells (Disabled after 5-Feb-2008)
  • Auto Aid Potion (Disabled after 5-Feb-2008)
  • Auto Cart Revolution (Disabled after 5-Feb-2008)
  • Auto Homunculus Resurrection (Disabled after 5-Feb-2008)

Not Allowed

  • Using a 3rd party program.
  • Reading in real time the output of the Homunculus traceai, so that one gains a read out on what is around the player (including things that the game client won`t show). According to a GM post on the iRO Forums "Doing this when monster leveling would not be such a big deal but in PVP/WoE purposes it is a very unfair/unintended thing. Users violating that rule will be suspended."
  • Feeding the Homunculus or moving the owner around using a 3rd party program.
  • Players are responsible for the actions of their Homunculus. For example, If the Homunculus kill-steals people, then the player is held accountable and may be punished accordingly.

Feeding and Intimacy

Much like pets, Homunculus require feeding. Feed the Homunculus when its hunger is between 11~25 to get 1 full point of intimacy. Feeding at the other times will give less than a full point and may even reduce the intimacy. If one forgets to feed the Homunculus, its intimacy will decrease, and it will leave the master if it goes below zero intimacy.

Hunger Intimacy
Starving at 1%~10% -1 (every 200 seconds)
1%~10% 0.5
11%~25% 1
26%~75% 0.75
76%~90% -0.05
91%~100% -0.5

The homunculus also display emotes as a way of warning the player. The emotes used are:

Status Emote
Hunger drops to 75% /ok
Hunger drops to 25% /hmm
Hunger below 11% every 20 seconds /sob
Player feeds without proper item /swt
Player feeds at 1%~75% /ho
Player feeds at 76%~90% /swt2
Player feeds at 91%~100% /wah
Failed to use skill /...

Intimacy is crucial for evolution, obtaining the final skill, and AFKing. Intimacy has not been proven to affect Homunculus stat growth. Intimacy points will not show in the Homunculus window. However for each interval of intimacy points the Homunculus has, the window will show:

Intimacy Status
1-3 Hate with Passion
4-10 Hate
11-100 Awkward
101-250 Shy
251-750 Neutral
750-910 Cordial
911-1000 Loyal

Manipulating Intimacy

The player dying, the Homunculus dying, or the Homunculus vaporizing does not affect intimacy. Stressing it (other than using ultimate skills) is the only way that to lower its intimacy. One can stress the Homunculus by not feeding it (hunger < 11) or overfeeding it (hunger > 75).

Each hour of starving cause 18 Intimacy loss (3600 seconds per hour / 200 seconds per loss).

If the player is away from the computer for a full 24 hours of starving, the Homunculus loses 432 Intimacy 18*24=432

If the player can no longer Call Homunculus or Homunculus Resurrection, then the Homunculus has left its master for good. However, Alchemists are able to create a new Homunculus.