Grape Juice Vendor

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Grape Juice Vendor[edit]

This is a custom NPC in LillitheRO that the staff implemented. Below you will find information about how it works. It's a simple, yet useful system that will benefit players!

What is Grape Juice?[edit]

GJ Vendor 144, 175
Using the GJ Vendor
Input the Monster Coin amount to exchange for GJ

Grape juice, or GJ, is an item that will restore SP when consumed. Many people use this for long, difficult battles against strong monsters; other players will use it when they battle against each other. There are a few ways to acquire grape juice in the game. You can complete the Juice Quest, Hunt Monsters, Trade with other Players. Not all monsters in-game will drop grape juice, but our system will allow a chance to get a Monster Coin from each kill!

Monster Coins[edit]

Monster Coins will drop from any monster in LillitheRO at a 2% chance. If you're lucky, you'll be able to collect a lot of these! They are the currency traded in at the Grape Juice Vendor.

How to use Grape Juice Vendor[edit]

To use the GJ Vendor NPC, you must have your Monster Coins in your inventory. Just click on the NPC and follow the dialogue! If you do not have Monster Coins then the NPC will not be able to trade you GJ!