Getting Started - A Guide for Beginners

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Create Your Account

  • Sign up for your account by heading to
  • Once you’ve input your information, a verification e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you provided.
    • If you do not see an e-mail from LillitheRo, make sure to check your spam folder.
  • Click the link in the e-mail that you receive from LillitheRo to verify your account.
  • Once your account is verified, if you are not automatically logged in after verification, you may go ahead and login manually.

Download the Game

Click the download link on and choose which platform you would like to use to download the game. Please Note: We’ve had issues with our lite client and are still in the process of creating an official lite client for the game.

Lite Client

Currently we have a temporary client available that was created by one of our players.

Download the UNOFFICIAL Client.

Known issues with the unofficial lite client:

  • Sprite Errors in Jawaii Bar.
    • A few custom NPC’s are located in Jawaii bar that did not transfer properly into the unofficial lite client. This means players with the lite client will be unable to reset their skill and stat builds or change their color palettes until the official version is completed.

Sign up on Discord

LillitheRo offers an active discord environment to keep players connected with each other at all times. Discord is a useful tool for players to easily join the discussion on the game whether they’re at their home or on the go. General Support Requests can also be submitted to quickly be answered by an online Staff Member or other experienced players.

Join LillitheRo’s Discord Community

Discord Channels

  • Rules and Announcements
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    • #Quick-Links
    • #Announcements
  • Server
    • #General
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  • Recruiting
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  • Voice Channels


Sign up for LillitheRo Forums to keep informed on Current and Upcoming in and out of game events. We also offer areas for general discussion, role playing, art, guides, bug reports and more. Go to the LillitheRo Forums to sign up today!

How to Join

  • Click the ‘Sign Up’ button in the top right corner or on the announcement bar in the middle of your screen.
  • You will be asked to enter a display name, email, and password in order to create your account.
    • Please note that you must also review the Terms of Service and check the box prior to clicking ‘Create my Account’.
  • Post an Introduction in our LillitheRo area.
    • This will help introduce you to the community which can start getting you situated with a network of friends if you’re new to RO.
    • Community is important within LillitheRo. Partying with other players makes the gaming experience more fun and this is a great way to get started if you’re not familiar with anyone else within our community.

Social Media

Follow LillitheRo on Social Media! Staff and Community Members will often post updates on our forums, but to make sure you stay up to date, make sure you follow us on our social media sites to get all of the information available to you! Follow us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram