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Automatic Events

Find the Mushroom

This event is automatically activated at certain times. A random number of mushrooms will spawn in a town, and you have to find and break them. Each mushroom will give you 5 Poring Silver.


This event is automatically activated at certain times. You can join it by warping to the Disguise Map from the Warper. Once the event begin, the Disguise Event NPC will disguise itself as a monster. The first player to correctly say the monster's name out loud will be the winner. There's 10 rounds, and each round gives 5 Poring Silver. Some monsters has many variety in their names, so using the @mi command helps a lot. However, you may not have a lot of time to do that since you're racing to guess the monster's name.


This event is activated by a GM. All you have to do is click the chicken, and if you're lucky, you'll retrieve the prize! (20 Poring Silver). However, in all other attempts, you may be freeze, get stone cursed, be stunbed, fall asleep, or get nuked! The event ends once there's a winner.

GM-Held Events

Hide and seek

In this event, the GM will go hide (get lost) in a town or a field near a town and your job is to find them. They'll give hints of their surroundings, and you can also ask for more hints via #main channel, such as what their environment looks like, if there's any water, etc. Once you find the GM, be sure to type "FOUND HER" (or "FOUND HIM" if it's a male GM) to be the winner. The rules of this event will vary by GM, so be sure to listen carefully.

Dice Race

A race using dices! Everyone will form a line, and the GM will move next to the player when it's their turn to roll. When it's your turn, type /dice to roll the dice. You'll move a certain number of cells based on your dice number. So for example, if you roll a 3, you'll move up 3 cells. When nearing the end, you'll need the exact number to land on the finish line. Get anything higher and you'll go back some steps. For example, if you're 3 cells away from the finish line and you roll a 5, you'll move ahead by 3 cells and then back by 2 cells. In the event of a tie, both players will roll the dice and the one with the highest number wins. Also, after moving, it's highly recommended to sit down to avoid moving somewhere by accident.

Nuke Dice

The GM will roll the dice, and your job is to roll a higher number than them. The GM will move next to the player when it's their turn to roll. When it's your turn, type /dice to roll the dice. If it's higher than the GM's roll, then you're safe and it'll be the next player's turn. If it's a lower number, then you lose and get nuked! If it's the same number as the GM, you can decide to nuke or res a player of your choice. This will keep going until there's one player left once a round's over. If there's 2 players left, they may have to dice it off with the winner being the one with the highest dice roll. If everyone dies in a round, then it's a draw and a new round will begin.


Self-explanatory. You give your guesses in the #main channel. The first one to correctly guess the answer will be the winner.