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Some monsters within Ragnarok Online can be tamed and kept as cute pets. Once your intimacy with your newfound friend has reached Loyal, they'll support you in battle as well as grant the player stat bonuses.

To turn a monster into a pet, players must first obtain a Pet Taming Item. Each tamable monster has a specific item that is used to tame it. This means you can't find a taming item for a lunatic and use it on a poring.

Some Quick Tips

  • Many pet items can be purchased from a Pet Groomer NPC, located in most main cities.
    • Pet Groomers do not sell taming items, but instead will sell accessories and food for certain pets.
  • Players can use Alt+J to access the Cute Pet Window.
  • HP and Status changes do not contribute to the process of taming a cute pet.

Taming Items

Obtaining taming items for pets will vary in difficulty depending on the pet you wish to acquire. Generally, taming items will be dropped by the monster you wish to tame. However, in some cases they will need to be obtained through events or quests.

Taming a Monster

Once you have the taming item of the monster you wish to tame, seek out the monster on a map it naturally spawns on.

To tame a pet:

  • Move your player near the monster you wish to tame.
  • Double-click on the taming item in your inventory.
  • Move your cursor over the monster you with to tame.
    • The cursor will turn into a halo to show that you have the monster 'selected'.
  • Carefully click the monster to begin the taming process.
    • NOTE: It's best to attempt this on a monster that is alone, with no other monsters present around it in order to prevent any mis-clicks. Mis-clicking during this process will consume the taming item whether or not you clicked on the monster.
  • If done correctly, a slot machine will appear in the center of your screen. This slot machine will determine the success or failure in your taming process.
  • Click on the slot machine to slow it down.
  • If the slot machine lands on "Success," you will obtain the egg of the monster you were taming and the taming item will be consumed.
  • If the machine lands on "Failure," you will not receive a pet egg for the attempted monster tame, and the taming item will be consumed as well.

File:Tame Success.pngFile:Tame Failure.png

Raising a Pet

Once you've obtained a monster egg, you must now purchase a Pet Incubator in order to hatch it. After hatching, you must continually feed the pet with its corresponding Food in order to keep it from running away. Each pet has different hunger tolerances so not every pet will require the same feeding time (i.e. one pet needs to be fed every 5 minutes while another has to be fed every 9 minutes, etc.)

Feeding a pet not only keeps it from running away, but also levels up its intimacy level. There are 5 intimacy levels:

  • Awkward
  • Shy
  • Neutral
  • Cordial
  • Loyal

Each pet starts out Neutral upon hatching and its bonus becomes activated upon reaching Loyal intimacy. To retain a pet's intimacy without feeding it, you can return it to its egg and hatch it again with another Pet Incubator.

In the beginning, certain pets were developed to do certain actions (e.g. Pet Porings can loot for their owners, etc.) when they were raised to be Cordial or Loyal. That was eventually dropped in favor of having them provide stat bonuses to their owners.

Naming Your Pet

An optional feature of the Cute Pet System is the ability to name your pet. You can only name your pet once and it cannot be renamed no matter what.

Once a pet is named, the "Beloved" prefix will be appended to its item name after being returned to its egg (i.e. a Baby Desert Wolf Egg will become a Beloved Baby Desert Wolf Egg after being named).

Dressing Your Pet

Some pets have their own special accessory item that can be used to dress it up. The accessory can be equipped and unequipped at will and can remain on the pet even when it is returned to it's egg.

NOTE: Not all pets have their own accessory items.

Pet Listing

Monster Taming Item How to Obtain Food Accessory Bonuses
RO PetAlice.jpg
Soft Apron Taming Item White Potion None MDEF +1, Demi Human Resistance +1%
Baby Desert Wolf
RO PetDesertWolfPup.jpg
Well-Dried Bone Taming Item Pet Food Transparent Head Protector INT +1, SP +20
Bacsojin (White Lady)
RO PetBacsojin.jpg
Gingerbread Cookie Taming Item Traditional Cookie None None
Baphomet Junior
RO PetBaphometJr.jpg
Book of Devil Taming Item Honey Skull Helm DEF/MDEF +1, Stun Resistance -1%
RO PetBongun.jpg
Her Heart Taming Item Pet Food Grave Keeper's Sword VIT +1, Stun Resistance +1%
RO PetChonChon.jpg
Rotten Fish Taming Item Pet Food Monster Oxygen Mask AGI +1, FLEE +2
Christmas Snow Rabbit
RO PetLunatic.jpg
None Event Candy None During Christmas: EXP +2%, MATK +2%
Chung E (Green Maiden)
RO PetChungE.jpg
Tantan Noodle Event Bun None DEF +1, Demi Human Resistance +1%
Civil Servant (Mao Guai)
RO PetCivilServant.jpg
Fan of Wind Event ?? ?? Max SP +10
Deleter (ground)
RO PetDeleter.jpg
Holy Marble Event Whole Barbecue ?? None
RO PetDeviruchi.jpg
Contract in Shadow Event Shoot Pacifier ATK/MATK +1%, HP/SP -3%
RO PetMiniDemon.jpg
Red Burning Stone Event Meat Veggie Skewer ?? None
RO PetDokebi.jpg
Old Broom Taming Item Pet Food Wig MATK +1%, ATK -1%
RO PetDrops.jpg
Orange Juice Taming Item Yellow Herb Poring Pet Backpack HIT +3, ATK +3
RO PetDullahan.jpg
Luxury Whisky Bottle Event Sunset on the Rock ?? CRIT +5
Goblin Warrior (Flail)
RO PetGoblin(flail).jpg
Flail Goblin Ring Event ?? ?? None
Goblin Warrior (Hammer)
RO PetGoblin(hammer).jpg
Hammer Goblin Ring Event ?? ?? None
Goblin Warrior (Dagger)
RO PetGoblin(knife).jpg
Knife Goblin Ring Event ?? ?? None
Goblin Leader
RO PetGoblinLeader.jpg
Staff of Leader Event Big Scell ?? Demi Human Resistance +3%
RO PetGolem.jpg
Magical Lithography Event Mystic Stone ?? FLEE +5%, HP +100
Hunter Fly
RO PetHunterFly.jpg
Monster Juice Taming Item Red Gemstone Monster Oxygen Mask FLEE -5, Perfect Dodge +2
RO PetImp.jpg
Ice Fireworks Taming Item Flame Gemstone Horn Barrier Fire Element Resistance + 2%, Damage to Fire Element monster +1%
RO PetIncubus.jpg
Girl's Naivety Event Lively Flower (Yellow) None SP +5%, 2% chance of gaining 5% of the damage inflicted with an enemy as SP with each attack
RO PetIsis.jpg
Armlet of Obedience Taming Item Pet Food Queen's Hair Ornament MATK -1%, ATK +1%
Leaf Cat
RO PetLeafCat.jpg
Very Soft Plant Event Fish With Blue Back ?? Increases tolerance to Brute monsters
Loli Ruri
RO PetLoliRuri.jpg
Very Red Juice Event Pumpkin Pie Fashion Glasses HP +3%, has a low chance of activating Heal Lv.1 when being physically attacked
RO PetLunatic.jpg
Rainbow Carrot Taming Item Carrot Juice Silk Ribbon CRIT +2, ATK +2
RO PetMarionette.jpg
Delicious Shaved Ice Event Small Snow Flower ?? Has a low chance of activating +20 tolerance to Neutral property monsters while being physically attacked
RO PetMedusa.jpg
Splendid Mirror Event Apple Pudding ?? VIT +1, Tolerance to the Stone Curse status +5%
Miyabi Doll
RO PetMiyabiNingyo.jpg
Girl's Doll Event Well-Ripened Berry ?? INT +1, Variable Cast Time -3%
RO PetMunak.jpg
No Recipient Taming Item Pet Food Punisher INT +1, DEF +1
New Year Doll
File:RO NewYearDoll.jpg
?? Event Mojji None None
Nightmare Terror
RO PetNightmareTerror.jpg
Hell Contract Event Fresh Plant ?? Tolerance to the Sleep status +10%
Nine Tail
RO PetNineTail.jpg
Sap Jelly Event Suspicious Bottle ?? When intimacy is Cordial, CRIT +2, HIT +2
When intimacy is Loyal, CRIT +3, HIT +2.
Orc Warrior
RO PetOrcWarrior.jpg
Orc Trophy Taming Item Pet Food Wild Flower ATK +10, DEF -3
RO PetPecopeco.jpg
Fatty Chubby Earthworm Taming Item Pet Food Battered Pot HP +150, SP -10
Petit (ground)
RO PetPetit.jpg
Shining Stone Taming Item Pet Food Stellar Hairpin DEF/MDEF -2, ASPD +1%
RO PetPicky.jpg
Earthworm the Dude Taming Item Red Herb Tiny Egg Shell STR +1, ATK +5
Poison Spore
RO PetPosionSpore.jpg
Deadly Noxious Herb Taming Item Pet Food Bark Shorts STR +1, INT +1
RO PetPoporing.jpg
Bitter Herb Taming Item Green Herb Poring Pet Backpack LUK +2, Poison Element Resistance +10%
RO PetPoring.jpg
Unripe Apple Taming Item Apple Juice Poring Pet Backpack LUK +2, CRIT +1
Rice Cake
RO PetRiceCake.jpg
Chewy Rice Powder 400 Monster Coins at the Monster Coin Trader Green Herb None Neutral Element Resistance +1%, HP -1%
RO PetRocker.jpg
Singing Flower Taming Item Pet Food Rocker Glasses HP Recovery +5%, HP +25
Santa Goblin
RO PetChristmasGoblin.jpg
Sweet Candy Cane Event Scell None HP +30, Water Element Resistance +1%
Savage Babe
RO PetSavageBabe.jpg
Sweet Milk Taming Item Pet Food Green Lace VIT +1, HP +50
File:RO PetScatleton.jpg
?? Event Fresh Fish Red Bell Necklace Increases the recovery rate of Fresh Fish consumables by 1031%.
RO PetShinobi.jpg
Kuloren Event Grilled Rice Cake None AGI +2
File:RO PetSkelion.jpg
'?? Event Delicious Meat Red Scarf None
RO PetSmokie.jpg
Sweet Potato Taming Item Pet Food Red Scarf AGI +1, Perfect Dodge +1
RO PetSohee.jpg
Silver Knife of Chastity Taming Item Pet Food Golden Bell STR +1, DEX +1
RO PetSpore.jpg
Dew Laden Moss Taming Item Pet Food Bark Shorts HIT +5, ATK -2
Spring Rabbit
RO PetSpringRabbit.jpg
?? 2018 Easter Event Bok Choy None None
Steel Chonchon
RO PetSteelChonChon.jpg
Rusty Iron Taming Item Iron Ore Monster Oxygen Mask FLEE +6, AGI -1
Stone Shooter
RO PetStoneShooter.jpg
Oilpalm Coconut Event Plant Nutrient ?? Tolerance to Fire skills +3%
RO PetSuccubus.jpg
Boy's Pure Heart Taming Item Lively Flower (Blue) Black Butterfly Mask Chance to drain 2% HP of the attack
Teddy Bear
RO PetTeddyBear.jpg
Little Doll Needle Event Cotton Bundle ?? When intimacy is Cordial, Max SP +50.
When intimacy is Loyal, Max SP +100.
Wander Man
RO PetWanderMan.jpg
Vagabond's Skull Event Spirit Liquor ?? None
RO PetWhisper.jpg
Ghost Coffin Event Damp Darkness ?? FLEE + 7, Enables the use of the skill Hide Lv.1
Wicked Nymph
RO PetWickedNymph.jpg
Charming Lotus Event Morning Dew ?? Max SP +30, Increases SP Recovery
RO PetYoyo.jpg
Tropical Banana Taming Item Banana Juice Monkey Circlet CRIT +3, LUK -1
Zherlthsh (Zealotus)
RO PetZherlthsh.jpg
Forbidden Red Candle Taming Item Immortal Heart None ATK +2%, MATK damage to Demi Human +2%