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In the LillitheRo, players can use cash points to obtain custom and normal costume items, usable items, buff items, gears, etc.

The Cash Shop is ever expanding, to meet the needs of the community and to increase the ability to customize a player's character as well as to increase availability of items that are not dropped naturally in-game.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL CASH SHOP ITEMS ARE ACCOUNT BOUND. This means that NONE of the cash shop items can be traded, dropped or sold.

How to Obtain Cash Points

Cash Points can be obtained by donating to LillitheRo. Donating to LillitheRo helps the staffing team pay and maintain the server's expenses for years to come. In exchange, the GM Team offers cash points that can help the players as they travel through the world of Ragnarok.

How to receive your Cash Points In-Game

After you've donated to LillitheRo, you’ll need to redeem your cash points in-game. First you’ll need to head to Prontera Square and speak to the Cash Points Redeemer NPC. He’ll add your cash points to your in-game account. Now you can purchase items on the cash shop!

Purchasing Items

The cash shop can be accessed no matter where you are in-game. You can find the Cash Shop Icon in the upper right hand corner near the mini-map.

Items in Cash Shop





Image Name Price Type Location Attack Defense Description
Costume Cupid Pink Wings.png

Costume Cupid's Pink Wings

13,000C Costume Garment 0 0 A replica wings of naughty cupid.
Costume Great Devil Wings.png

Costume Great Devil Wings

13,000C Costume Garment 0 0 Costume replica of famous winged demon of underworld.
Costume Angel Wings.png

Costume Archangel Wings

13,000C Costume Garment 0 0 White wings of a holy Archangel.
Costume Fallen Angel Wings.png

Costume Fallen Angel Wings

13,000C Costume Garment 0 0 Large, black wings of a fallen dark angel.
Costume Sword Wings.png

Costume Wings of Sword

13,000C Costume Garment 0 0 A curved sword that made into costume. Be careful with it's sharp blade.



Image Name Price Description
Battle Job Manual.png

Battle Manual

1,250C EXP rate increases to 150% for 30 minutes.
Battle Job Manual.png

Job Battle Manual

1,500C Job EXP rate increases to 150% for 30 minutes.
Bubble Gum.png

Bubble Gum

2,000C Item drop rate increases by 100% for 30 minutes.
Battle and Job Manual Box.png

Battle Manual 10pc Box

11,250C A box that contains 10 Battle Manuals.
Battle and Job Manual Box.png

Job Battle Manual 10pc Box

13,500C A box that contains 10 Job Battle Manuals.


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