Beginner's Zeny Guide

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Beginner's Zeny Guide

If you're new to Ragnarok Online & the LillitheRO server, this is a great place to start for some information about the in-game currency, Zeny.

Quick Tips

  • Merchants are extremely useful when they have Vend, Overcharge, and Discount.
  • Overcharge will get you more zeny from loot that you sell on a merchant
  • Discount will save you zeny when purchasing equipment and other items from NPC shops.
  • Vend will allow you to sell items to other players
  • Consider a crafting smith of chemist if you want to sell potions or weapons!

Levels 1-10

At this point, you’re best off working on leveling your character and selling all of the extras that you don’t need for equipment, HP, or SP bonuses! There are a lot of small loot that you can gather while you get your first few levels.
Many longtime players will keep equipment that has slots in it. Once you use a magnifier to identify the equipment you find, a slot will have brackets and a number to identify it. For example, it will say mace[3] if it has three slots. If you're not sure if you should keep or sell equipment, check with other players on the server for advice!

If you find a card, it's always best to hang onto it until later! Begzeny-31.gif


Levels 10-20

These levels will go pretty quickly. A very common leveling area is Payon Dungeon in Archer Village. Payon cave is full of undead creatures like zombies, skeletons, and familiars.


Sell those opals and skull rings! You will need a magnifier to identify the Skull Rings. You can find these at any tool dealer NPC.

Begzeny-2.jpg Begzeny-3.jpg


Levels 20-40

At this point, a common leveling spot is just north of Lighthalzen or just South of Einbroch for metalings. Large jellopy and jubilee are great to sell for some extra zeny.

Begzeny-8.jpg Begzeny-9.jpg

Merchant Hunting Metalings

Levels 40

Until Job Change

There are many options for leveling around this time, so it may be difficult to find ways to make zeny around these levels. This is where it is helpful to have a merchant with “Discount” and “Overcharge.” These skills will make your loot sell for more zeny and your supplies cheaper!

Orc Dungeon

Many will continue with metalings, delve into the Orc Dungeon, or brave Mi Gao’s in Louyang. It’s helpful to sell extra loot such as jubilee and large jellopy form metalings, orc claws and orc fangs from Orc Dungeon, and mud lumps and dry sand from Mi Gao’s. If you get gold, hang onto it or vend it because it’s valuable to other players!
Begzeny-8.jpg Begzeny-9.jpg Begzeny-12.jpg Begzeny-13.gif Begzeny-14.gif Begzeny-15.gif Begzeny-16.gif Begzeny-17.gif


Level 60-95

At this point, it is still a good idea to focus on leveling until you can handle Gonryun dungeon. When you are able to efficiently kill mobs without too much loss of HP/items in the process, this is a great place to make some quick zeny. Though Royal Jelly is a good healing item, it sells for quite a decent chunk of zeny. It’s good to sell royal jelly, solid peach, powder of butterfly, hard feelers, giant butterfly wings, black bear skin, and strange steel pieces.


Begzeny-19.gifBegzeny-20.gif Begzeny-21.gif Begzeny-22.gif Begzeny-23.gif Begzeny-24.gif Begzeny-25.gif

Begzeny-26.gif Begzeny-27.gif Begzeny-28.gif Begzeny-29.gif

Level 95+

The best way to attain money at this point is to get to level 99, transcend, and start it all over again. Once you get a good transcended class, you will be able to fight harder monsters and acquire a lot more rare loot. When you get cards, slotted equipment, and other rare and useful items, the best thing you can do is sell them to other players! People of all levels will be looking at the merchant vend shops, so it’s good to have a variety of things for sale. Newer players may want clip[1]’s, where seasoned players may want thara frog cards or +10 mace[4]’s. Check out the forums or the #trade channel in the game to see if you may have something valuable to sell!

Begzeny-31.gif Begzeny-32.jpg

MVP Tomb

Joining Trade Channel

To join the trade channel, type @join #trade To talk into the trade channel, type #trade in the whisper box and type a message like normal To leave the trade channel, type @channel leave #trade
Some basic jargon:

  • B> means buying
  • S> means selling
  • PC> means price check